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With our decades of working experience, Trust Bronx has come forward as one of the leading estate planning firms in Bronx that provides legal services nationally and across national borders. Our attorneys are well-recognized all over Brooklyn for representing our clients worldwide in estate planning, will and trust, estate litigation, probate, elder law, guardianship, and other legal matters.

Our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys are committed to providing law-driven, practical, and legally effective consultation and assistance to our clients so that their legal affairs can be resolved without much hassle.

Trust Bronx has made a reputable name in the market by representing legal matters of hundreds of clients over the past decade. With our extensive experience, our attorneys have acquired in-depth expertise in representing and resolving different kinds of legal complexities concerning estate planning, estate litigation, will and trust probate, elder law, guardianship, and asset protection.

We are highly dedicated to solving your legal matters and helping you easily fulfill your last wishes and all other needs. In addition, our considerable experienced estate planning firm strives to offer you practical and legally effective guidance.

Seek the Legally Effective Legal Services from the Best Estate Planning Firm in the Bronx, New York

When going through a legally complicated situation, you need a qualified and experienced attorney to advise and guide you. Working for years, trust Bronx has successfully established a reputable name as the most promising estate planning firm in Brooklyn that is efficient in providing several legal services.

The legal services that our attorneys are known to offer to our national and international clients include creating an estate plan, will or trust, handling probate and estate litigation, providing legal assistance through elder law, helping appoint a guardian, and so on.

The primary goal of our estate planning firm is to provide tailored legal consultation and services to our clients. We believe in following a personalized work methodology that helps our attorneys understand the unique legalities involved in our client’s cases and their unique needs. Based on our analysis, our lawyers come up with unique and legally effective solutions to resolve our client’s case. Moreover, due to in-depth knowledge of updated and applicable laws relevant to our legal services, trust Bronx has achieved our client’s trust in our firm.

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Want to draft a will or create a trust? We are here to assist you!

Are you looking forward to drafting a will or creating a trust to ensure a financially stable future for your family? Contact trust Bronx; our experienced lawyers will help you create a legally valid will or trust.

Streamline the probate process with our legal guidance!

You have just lost your close one and instead of mourning for him, are you compelled to look into the legalities of probate? We at Trust Bronx are well-versed with the legalities of probate; thus, our legal guidance can help you deal with it without too much hassle.

Get law-driven legal advice from our experienced attorneys!

Trust Bronx is well-known for providing law-driven and legally effective advice to our clients, which further helps them to resolve their legal matters as soon as possible.

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Why are we the leading estate Planning Firm in The Bronx, New York?

When nearing your death, you might be dreading your family’s future and how they will survive. So it is when you think about creating an estate plan or a will to ensure that your family inherits all your assets and properties.

However, creating an estate plan or will is not easy as it involves several legalities that a normal person without knowledge of the law can understand. So it is when you think of having a qualified and experienced attorney by your side. We at trust Bronx are working with such attorneys who are proficient in understanding your unique requirements and helping to create a legally valid estate plan or will. With our effective legal consultation and guidance, many of our clients have successfully fulfilled their last wishes.

Our experienced and professional attorneys first try to understand our client’s legal case and all legal complications involved to provide the best possible solutions to the clients. The primary aim of trust Bronx is to provide law-driven legal consultation, guidance, and assistance for matters related to estate planning, estate litigation, probate, will and trustguardianship, asset protection, elder law, and another legal area. So, let our versatile and knowledgeable attorneys resolve your legal affairs and minimize your burden.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Skilled and experienced in relevant legal areas

It can be physically and mentally exhausting to deal with estate planning or will complications or asset protection issues. Such fields include several topics, and dealing with each of them can be difficult for a person without knowledge of the law.

We at trust Bronx are working with expert attorneys with in-depth knowledge of several legal areas like estate planning, estate litigation, will and trust, probate, guardianship, elder law, asset protection, and more. With our attorneys’ legal guidance, you can handle all such legal issues seamlessly.

Quick and efficient legal services

We at trust Bronx very well understand how important it is to deliver legal services and solutions on time. A few minutes delay can cost a fortune to our clients. So, our attorneys work effectively on our client’s cases and provide them with quick and legally effective solutions. In addition, we work on a “first-come, first-served” basis so that our clients don’t feel discriminated against and their cases are resolved within the pre-determined timescale.

Transparent and friendly communication

We understand how difficult it can be for our clients to share their legal issues and details. Also, most of our clients knew little or nothing about the law and how it works. Therefore, we at trust Bronx follow a transparent and friendly communication process. As a result, our clients feel confident in our attorneys and are comfortable sharing all required details to neutralize their legal complications. Also, our attorneys guide them through the entire process and terms with our clients in simple language, so they don’t feel left out.

Research and analytical skills

Since the commencement of our estate planning firm in the Bronx, New York, we have been involved in extensive research concerning different laws, rules, and regulations as applicable in the Surrogate Court of New York, about estate planning, estate litigation, will and trust probate, elder law, guardianship, and asset protection. Because of our attorneys’ comprehensive research and analytical skills, we trust the Bronx is well-aware of every loophole, provision, and nook that further helps us provide the most practical and law-driven solutions to our clients and, thus, guarantee their win in court.

Our Working Approach

We at trust Bronx are known for following the personalized working approach for resolving the legal affairs of our national and international clients.

Our usual process

You reach out to us!

After you reach out to us, we carefully listen to your queries and try to understand everything about your legal case. After understanding your matter, trust Bronx appoints attorneys specialized in the relevant legal area to handle your case.

Reviewing and analyzing your legal matter

Once a team of attorneys has been assigned for your matter, they together put their minds and understand your case with their legal perspectives. Then, after figuring out the complexities and legalities involved in your case, they come up with the laws, ideas, and strategies that can work for your case.

Screening the case

Our attorneys at trust Bronx are highly dedicated and committed to each case; thus, they always prefer to screen the case in case they miss any important lead. Your legal case is examined carefully to discover any unexpected obstacles, and if there are some, our attorneys devise ways to neutralize them.

Work ethics

We at trust Bronx follow our work ethics on priority. Our estate planning firm ensures that our attorneys follow an open and transparent communication process. We make sure to provide all necessary information related to the progress of each case to respective clients so that they don’t feel left out.

Achieve best results

Working for decades, we have achieved a higher positive result rate. Because of our personalized work approach and attorneys’ hard work, trust Bronx has always been successful in providing the best possible legal assistance, which has helped clients solve their legal matters at the earliest.

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Whether you want to create a will or estate plan to secure the future of your loved ones or want legal help for dealing with probate, consider contacting trust Bronx. We are one of the reputable and leading estate planning firms in Brooklyn that is well recognized for providing a wide array of legal services to our national and international clients. Our qualified and skilled attorneys’ legal services include estate planning, estate litigation, will and trust, probate, guardianship, elder law, asset protection, and more.

Moreover, we believe in offering personalized legal assistance to clients based on their legal matters and requirements. So please consider scheduling a consultation with our estate planning firm to access the legally effective consultation and resolve your legal affairs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The failure to carry out the legal duties and procedures due to which an executor can be held personally liable to the estate. For instance:

  • Failing to protect the estate assets. For example, neglecting to take necessary actions to preserve property’s value.
  • Misappropriation of estate assets (executor using estate assets for his use).
  • Failing to pay tax returns with correct documents within the statutory timescales.
  • Paying the wrong people or paying the wrong amount to the right people.

The following mentioned are stages that are involved in the probate:

  • Applying for Grant of Probate in the respective court.
  • Having the estate valued as specified by the court.
  • Paying the Inheritance Tax due on the estate.
  • Selling any estate assets that are required to be disposed of.
  • Paying the outstanding debts owed by the deceased.
  • Preparing estate accounts show the amount of money spent from the account.
  • Distributing the remaining estate assets to the beneficiaries as named in the Will.
The executor of an estate is typically an individual responsible for administering the terms and conditions as specified in the will. Such an individual is referred to as an executor or estate administrator. At the same time, a beneficiary is an individual or an organization entitled to receive assets or property of the deceased as specified in the will or trust.